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PrivacySharks takes the processing of your personal data seriously. We advocate fair and transparent data processing in accordance with the applicable rules.

This privacy policy explains how we process your personal data on this website.

PrivacySharks is based in Denmark and act under Danish law. This privacy policy is originally written in Danish. If any translated versions of this privacy policy conflicts with the original Danish version, then the Danish version applies. We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy and any such changes shall become effective immediately.

We process the following data about you

We may process the following personal data about you:


The purpose with our processing of your personal data is the following:

When you use the website we collect personal data from you. You cannot use the website without us collecting some personal data about you, which you are noticed about in the pop-up consent form when you visit the website the first time. The personal data we collect from is your behaviour on the site. For example, which pages you visit, when, how long, and your IP-address. IP-addresses are collected to monitor any irregular traffic patterns and is an important tool for us in prevent hacker attacks. Furthermore we are able to block visitors if their IP-addresses show that they are in a location with gambling restrictions.

We only process your personal data in the scope necessary to fulfil the purposes described above, for which the data is collected.

Legal basis

We are obligated to inform you about the legal basis for processing your data, which is the following:


Profiling is defined as “any form of automatic processing of personal data that consists of using personal data to evaluate certain personal data regarding the person’s work, economic situation, health, personal preferences, interests, trustworthiness, behaviour, geographical position or movements.”

We use automatic decisions, hereunder profiling to define target groups based on geographical locations and interests. The profiling is taking place based on you having expressed interest for gambling by visiting this website. Hereafter you can expect to be presented for banners on other websites, just as you may be presented for adverts on Facebook and other social media channels we use to reach our target audience(s). Furthermore it will be registered wherefrom you access this website, and the geographical location may influence how we create campaigns. We will target campaigns to specific geographic locations in the event we based on accumulative profiling data can conclude that there is a big interest for our marketing in specific cities/areas.

Where your personal data stems from

It is registered when you interact with us either by visiting this website directly or indirectly. This could be by interacting with our Facebook page or if you have signed up on the site’s mailing list. This can lead to you being presented with targeted marketing ads.

All data stems from the registered. In the case that you have interacted with our brand on Facebook then Facebook acts as an intermediary between the registered and us, because we receive the data through Facebook.

Facebook does not provide us with personally identifiable data about you when we use their platform other than the outlined types of personal data in paragraph 3, unless you actively interact with our brand on Facebook.

We might also send you email from the following domains:

Business partners


We transmit your data to third parties if we have received your explicit consent to do so or if it is necessary in order to fulfil a legitimate interest. These third parties are listed below:

Data processors

To be able to provide you the best service we use the following data processors:

Transfer to a third country

We will transfer your personal data to recipients outside the EU and EEA.

The transfer will be to the following U.S.-based organizations: Facebook Ltd., Google Ltd., Sendgrid Ltd. and Microsoft Ltd.

The EU Commission has made a decision on the level of security of personal data and in this it appears that the level of security in the U.S. is not sufficient. However, the EU Commission has determined that organizations based in the U.S. are ’safe areas’, if they have joined the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield agreement.

The EU Commission considers New Zealand a safe third country.

We transfer data to following U.S.-based organizations that are part of the Privacy Shield agreement:

The transfer of personal data to Campaign Monitor Ltd. is in accordance with the EU Commission’s Standard Contract.


Your personal data is only stored as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose unless other is demanded in accordance to legislation, hereunder especially the accounting law’s rules on storing accounting records for 5 years, as well as the current year.

Log files, including IP-addresses, is stored for 5 years before they are deleted. Google Analytics data is stored for 26 months before they are deleted.

Your rights

Contact information, if you want to use your rights

If you wish to use the rights stated below you must contact us through the contact information listed in the top of this privacy policy.

You can read more about your rights in the Danish DPA’s guide to the rights of the registered, which you can find on


If you want to complain of the processing of your personal data you have the right to file a complaint to the Danish DPA, who have the following contact information:

Datatilsynet (DPA)
Address: Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen
E-mail: dt @
Phone number: + 45 33 19 32 00

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Last updated: April 28, 2021