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As technology evolves, our personal information and anonymity are becoming more difficult to protect and secure online. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the internet, our privacy is put at greater risk.

Internet Service Providers, advertisers, governments, and even cybercriminals may be tracking your internet activity making VPNs vitally important to ensure your online security.

A VPN is a secure way to protect your identity and privacy online. VPNs also enable users to access censored or restricted content.

There is an extensive array of VPN providers on the market, however, some are more reliable than others. At PrivacySharks, we know what to look for when searching for a good VPN. We intend to use our industry expertise to inform internet users about the most popular VPN providers.

At PrivacySharks our reviews are completely honest and unbiased, and unlike some other VPN review sites, we are not paid by VPN providers to write them. Our website runs on an affiliate commission, meaning that we receive a percentage by referring users to VPN providers. However, this does not influence our reviews.

We aim to provide you with informative, helpful reviews to help find a VPN that suits your needs, whether you want to access geo-blocked streaming sites or you simply want additional online security and privacy.

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Hi, I'm Cliff. I'm based in Cleveland, Ohio, with my wife and two kids. I have a keen interest in cybersecurity and have been writing about it for around a decade now. Due to my background in computer science, I am familiar ...
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Last updated: November 16, 2021