Cliff Durward

Senior Journalist & MSc in Advanced Computer Science

Hi, I'm Cliff. I'm based in Cleveland, Ohio, with my wife and two kids.

I have a keen interest in cybersecurity and have been writing about it for around a decade now. Due to my background in computer science, I am familiar with cyber software and everything related to the online world.

My favorite pieces to research and write are how-to guides that teach people ways to protect themselves against ever-growing online threats. I also like keeping up to date with what's new in the industry and sharing this information with readers. I believe that everyone should be well-informed about how to protect themselves on the internet.

I have recently discovered a passion for psychology and find the study of human behavior fascinating. There's a clear link between psychology and the behavior of individuals on the internet, which I'm keen to explore further in my articles for PrivacySharks.

  • I've been working in cybersecurity for more than a decade
  • I have a masters degree in Computer Science from Harvard SEAS
  • I'm an active user of Raidforums to make sure I get all the tech news first hand

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