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PrivacySharks is pleased to present its very own IP and Location Checker. This browser extension location checker provides internet users with a way to easily check their IP location and ensure that their Virtual Private Network (VPN) works in hiding their real IP address.

The IP address and location checker is 100% free and extremely easy to use; all you need to do is add the extension to your browser and run an IP lookup test by refreshing the extension with the click of a button. If you’re based in the United States but are connected to a VPN server in London, UK, you can check that your IP geolocation reflects that with this add-on.

There is no data tracking with this IP address checker tool, and you can test your IP geolocation up to 10,000 times per month. Download it onto your browser now and try it out for yourself!

You can try the extension here!


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Why Do I Need PrivacySharks’ IP Location Tool?

If your real IP address is revealed online, then a whole host of location information about you is exposed, such as your address, phone number, domain name, city, latitude and longitude, state, zip code, region, and country. All of these IP details can be linked back to you, giving you no online anonymity.

Your real IP geolocation should be hidden from your ISP, the government, and websites with a VPN. However, sometimes issues can occur, and your Virtual Private Network may accidentally leak your IP address, along with your city, region, and country. Websites can view this information and link IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to Internet Service Providers (ISP), your device ID, and more.

Don’t risk your privacy; add on PrivacySharks’ IP address checker browser extension to ensure that you are always protected when using a VPN.

How Can I Trace an IP Address Location?

Tracing an IP address location is easy since there are many proxy IP location databases available online.

Anyone can use an IP address lookup tool to find out your IP address and a lot of information about you, including the state and country you live in. This is why using a VPN is so important, as it masks your real IP address and all of the information that comes with it.

It’s a good idea to install an IP checker tool onto your browser when using a VPN to ensure that your real IP is always protected. PrivacySharks’ IP address browser add-on enables you to find your IP geolocation in one click by refreshing the browser add-on.

Is IP Tracking Illegal?

When you visit a website, you’re likely being tracked by the website operator. Websites use trackers to gather data on your internet activity and share this information with other third parties.

As well as websites, your ISP may also be tracking your browsing data and sharing this information with others. While all of this may sound illegal, it, unfortunately, is not. Whenever you visit a website, you will likely accept the terms of the website’s privacy policy, allowing it to gather data such as IP addresses.

How Do I Find Out Who Owns An IP Address?

As mentioned above, you can use an IP lookup tool to determine which ISP owns an IP address. It is harder for internet users to find details such as a user’s name, email address, city, zip code, country, or other physical coordinates using an IP address lookup tool, but not impossible.

Since it is possible for others to find out information on you based on your IP address, you should use a Virtual Private Network. You’ll be able to change your geolocation, choose from thousands of IP addresses, and use PrivacySharks’ IP checker service to ensure that your real location is hidden at all times!

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