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More and more people want to change their online geo-location to New York. Whether it be for work, leisure, or simply that they live in New York and want online protection, a VPN is the way to go.

The best VPNs for New York are NordVPN, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN. All three of these VPN companies have servers in The Big Apple and offer excellent security features alongside dedicated apps for many operating systems.

Read on to learn more about our chosen VPN providers for New York City.

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Best New York VPN

Best New York VPNs

Below are our top three New York VPNs. All three offer servers in New York and NY-based IP address options.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN offers the best VPN service for use in New York, thanks to its New York-based servers, P2P support across its network, excellent unblocking capabilities, and impressive speeds.

NordVPN is one of the most well-known providers in the VPN market, and it offers an excellent service for use in New York at a relatively reasonable price.

The VPN operates on military-grade AES-256 bit encryption and offers a range of additional security features such as Onion over VPN and Double VPN encryption technology. Double VPN reroutes your internet traffic through two different VPN servers rather than just one for an extra layer of privacy.

If you want to mask your use of a New York VPN, NordVPN will enable you to do so, thanks to its obfuscated servers. There is a reliable integrated kill switch feature, which will cut data transfer should your VPN connection drop. This ensures that your real IP address and unencrypted data will never become compromised.

Independent audits have confirmed the provider’s no-logging commitment. This means that the provider will never store, misuse, or sell private user data for profit. Therefore, you can rest assured that your identity and anonymity are protected with this VPN.

Connection speeds are great too, especially if you utilize NordVPN’s proprietary NordLynx protocol which combines powerful speeds and strong encryption. NordVPN also has excellent streaming capabilities and can access geo-blocked content on popular streaming services including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Youtube, and more.

Whether you want to connect to a VPN server location in New York City to access US Netflix or watch British or European television shows from New York, NordVPN will enable you to do so with ease, thanks to its extensive global network. The VPN is also great for torrenting, with optimized P2P servers for fast and safe file sharing.

Nord’s VPN apps are well-designed and easy to use, even for a novice VPN user. There is support for 6 simultaneous connections too meaning that you can access a New York City IP address on all your devices.

There is 24/7 live-chat customer support, too, in case you run into difficulties when connected to a New York VPN server. NordVPN also offers a 30-day refund policy; if you change your mind, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Subscription fees start at $3.71 a month with its two-year subscription plan. However, if you are not yet ready to commit to a long-term plan, its monthly subscription will set you back an eye-watering $11.95 a month. Several useful payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, and the option to pay anonymously with Bitcoin.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a popular VPN provider and an excellent VPN for New York thanks to its excellent performance, powerful VPN clients, and dedicated streaming technology.

CyberGhost VPN is based in Romania, a country that enjoys relaxed data retention laws, which means that the provider is not obligated to store private internet activity data.

This VPN for New York utilizes military-grade encryption, which is almost impossible to decipher when it comes to security. This means you can rest assured that your private internet activity will remain safe with this provider. While the VPN has not yet been independently audited, the provider states that it does not log private user data, and its apps appear to be completely secure.

Its 309 VPN servers in New York provide fast connection speeds, and although they are not the most powerful, they are sufficient for the average VPN user. You’ll definitely be able to surf the web with a New York IP address if that’s what you’re looking for. There are also server locations in 90 other countries, meaning you have a vast choice of IP addresses if you want access to them.

If you are looking for a New York server for torrenting, CyberGhost is a great choice, thanks to P2P support on every VPN server. There are also some great additional features, such as an automatic connection option for completely safe P2P sharing. There is unlimited bandwidth meaning you’ll be able to torrent as much as you want.

CyberGhost’s desktop client is extremely powerful and comes with a range of additional features rarely seen in a VPN. The desktop and mobile apps are user-friendly, however, they lack some of the sophisticated features when compared to the competition.

If you run into any issues while connecting to a New York IP address with the VPN, there is an excellent live-chat option and comprehensive written guides available on the website.

Its subscription prices start at an impressively affordable $2.25 per month, making it one of the cheapest VPNs for use in New York City, as long as you are ready to commit to a longer-term plan. There is also a risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the VPN service.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is arguably the best VPN for New York City and New York state. It offers a first-class user experience, an extensive range of server locations, and completely secure internet access.

If you want to use a VPN in New York, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market. With access to a range of 3,000 VPN server locations across the globe, 2 VPN servers in the state of New York, unrivaled security and privacy features, ExpressVPN has everything that you could want when using a VPN in New York.

The provider utilizes secure industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption, offers a reliable internet kill switch, an extensive server network with impressive results on speed tests, an excellent no-logs policy, and access to a range of websites and content on streaming sites such as Netflix.

ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy ensures your internet access is completely private when connected to the VPN in New York. The provider does not store connection logs, browsing history, search information, or data regarding the websites and content you access while connected to the VPN server.

Unfortunately, there are minimal logs including the date you connected to the VPN, data bandwidth, and the version of your client. However, this information cannot be used to link you to your online activity or the VPN.

When it comes to security, ExpressVPN is unrivaled. Perfect Forward Secrecy offers an additional layer of protection by altering the encryption key every time you use a VPN connection and every 60 minutes after that. This ensures that even if your connection was compromised, only 60 minutes of data is ever available.

ExpressVPN is a great choice if you want to access geo-restricted content on websites or streaming services such as Netflix. If you want to access home content while abroad, connecting to a New York VPN server will allow you to do so with ease.

The New York VPN option also boasts impressive connection speeds making it the best VPN for New York when it comes to streaming. Enjoy your favorite television shows and movies in high definition no matter your location, thanks to an impressive network of high-speed VPN servers for a good connection speed.

There is complete DNS leak protection, and all of the VPNs’ servers are RAM-only. Compared to traditional hard-drive servers, RAM servers are much more secure as they are unable to store information once they are shut down. For this reason, your private internet data is completely secure and private when you are connected to ExpressVPN. The provider also offers the option to connect to obfuscated servers which are useful to hide your use of a VPN in a particular location.

The VPN apps and browser extensions are extremely user-friendly, enabling easy access to a secure Wi-Fi connection. Its MediaStreamer enables Smart DNS support for gaming consoles.

Although Express is the best VPN for New York City in terms of service and user experience, it is not the most affordable option. However, we would argue that its impressive online privacy service is worth the extra investment. Prices start from just over $6 per month, which is slightly more than most competitors, but it does reflect ExpressVPN’s unrivaled VPN internet experience when it comes to speed and security.

The New York VPN also offers the option to pay anonymously with Bitcoin, allowing you to use a VPN in complete privacy. There is a risk-free 30-day refund policy too, enabling you to test the product and cancel if you are not happy. Moreover, in case you run into issues while connecting to a New York City server, there is 24/7 live chat support available.

Why Do I Need a New York VPN?

Here’s why using a New York City VPN is a good idea:

How to Get a New York IP Address

To get a New York IP and spoof your physical location, here’s what to do:

Yes, a VPN for New York is 100% legal. You can use a VPN in all US states, so long as you are not using one for illegal purposes.

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