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ExpressVPN is a popular choice for its large network, fast connection speeds, advanced features, and audited no-logging policy. It offers easy access to Netflix and other streaming sites, and its clients are simple to use and easy to understand.

The provider offers access to an impressive number of over 3,000 servers in 160 locations worldwide. This means that it is a great option for travelers who travel frequently and want to continue watching their favorite shows abroad.

ExpressVPN offers an extensive array of advanced privacy features, more than almost any other provider, such as Network Lock (or kill switch), advanced protocols, military standard encryption, AES-256 bit keys, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, location spoofing, and WebRTC leak blocking.

There are first-class ExpressVPN clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux and firmware for routers and manual installation guides for SmartTVs, Chromebooks, Playstation, and Kindle. One ExpressVPN subscription provides you with 5 simultaneous connections.


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Price Starting At: 6.67 $ / monthly 99.95 $ / annually
For New Users: 30 days free trial + 30-day money-back guarantee
Number of servers: 3000+
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Type of IP offered: Dedicated
Simultaneous connections / Users: 5
OS support: Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
VPN Promotion: Get VPN from ExpressVPN for 6.67$ per month
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ExpressVPN Security


When it comes to privacy and security, ExpressVPN offers one of the most dedicated VPN services. Most people use a VPN for private and encrypted internet access free from spying by hackers or ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Almost all of our online activity is tracked in the modern world, whether by hackers, apps, websites, or ISPs. ISPs are known to sell our private internet activity data to third parties and compile profiles on individuals to personalized ads. Connecting to the internet through a VPN will send your data through an encrypted tunnel, anonymizing your activity.

ExpressVPN has invested heavily in a vast array of first-class servers. It also boasts an extensive range of sophisticated privacy features to ensure your safety online. It combines advanced VPN protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, Lightway, and PPTP VPN protocol with military-grade encryption, AES-256 bit. We recommend using OpenVPN for the highest levels of security and an open-source protocol.

Additional layers of security include the Network Lock feature (ExpressVPN's version of a kill switch), which protects against leaks of IP addresses. The Network Lock will cease transferring data if the VPN connection drops, ensuring no unencrypted data can be intercepted or stolen.

ExpressVPN's commitment to customer privacy continues in its lengthy, audited privacy policy. The company goes to significant lengths to ensure customer security and anonymity.

ExpressVPN is clear about the extent of its data logging and does not store information regarding user activity, IP address, VPN IP, or session timestamps. Nor does the company sell customer data for profit. The provider does collect a limited amount of information such as data usage amounts and data regarding each previous connection; however, this information is not enough to be used to identify an individual.

Its TrustedServer technology means that ExpressVPNs all run on the most up-to-date software, limiting the risk of hacking. It also utilizes RAM-only servers, which are much more secure compared to the alternatives, as they are rewritten upon each reboot.

The provider also uses a cryptographic key system, assigning a unique key to each server. As well as this, ExpressVPN provides Perfect Forward Secrecy, which alters the encryption key after each login, ensuring previous session data cannot be linked to the new session.

Moreover, ExpressVPN provides DNS (Domain Name System) encryption. Each time you enter a website, the DNS requests your IP address and can potentially store data regarding your activity. Not all VPNs offer DNS encryption, meaning that your IP may still leak despite data encryption. However, ExpressVPNs encrypted DNS ensures your IP address and activity data will remain forever encrypted. A DNS leak test shows ExpressVPN's state-of-the-art security.

You can expect the highest level of security and privacy with ExpressVPN. Their advanced privacy features to ensure that your internet activity will always remain private and anonymous.

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ExpressVPN Features


Not only does Express VPN provide the highest standard in security and privacy, but it also offers a range of additional features for a customer-friendly experience.

While the main goal of a VPN is to protect users from online threats such as hacking or identity theft, it is helpful to consider the extra features that a provider offers.

One of ExpressVPN's most desirable additions is arguably its unlimited bandwidth. This makes it the perfect option for gamers and those users who like to stream television shows and movies. Unlimited bandwidth will ensure high-speed connections, no matter how much data you consume. The provider also allows P2P (Peer-to-Peer) sharing, as well as torrenting.

Alongside its excellent server connection speeds, the ExpressVPN app is also successful at unblocking overseas streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and even BBC iPlayer, which many VPNs struggle to unblock due to its strong VPN blocking technology.

The provider's MediaStreamer allows users to access such sites on devices that do not typically support VPN software, such as SmartTVs, Kindles, or gaming consoles.

You will be able to watch foreign movies in high definition, without buffering, thanks to ExpressVPN's extensive range of speedy servers. In fact, our speed test showed that the provider offers some of the highest connection speeds compared to most of its competitors. Its vast array of over 3,000 servers in 94 countries means you will never be stuck for choice.

Express VPN is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, and it even offers custom firmware for routers and manual installation guides for SmartTVs, PlayStation, and Kindle. ExpressVPN's desktop and mobile clients are simple to install and easy to use. However, it is helpful to note ExpressVPN's unique login system, which requires an activation code instead of the typical username or password, which may be confusing for beginners.

Once you have logged in, the minimal but not stylish interface reveals a window displaying a clear connection button, a server speed test feature, and Smart Location option, which is a standout feature that connects you to the fastest server available. Additional features include the option to save a list of your preferred servers.

ExpressVPN's website includes a helpful support section that features an array of setup and troubleshooting guides for issues such as slow or failed connections, error messages, or cancellation. The articles are comprehensive, well-written, and free of complicated technical jargon. If you cannot find an answer in the guides, ExpressVPN also offers 24/7 live support via email and live chat support.

Although ExpressVPN offers an expensive regular annual and monthly price it offers frequent VPN deals including an ExpressVPN Black Friday discount and Cyber Monday VPN deals.


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Is ExpressVPN Really Safe?

There is a huge range of VPNs available, many of which are known to be malicious and exploit the users they claim to protect. Therefore, it is reasonable to wonder whether ExpressVPN is safe and trustworthy.

It is easy to become swamped by the endless number of VPN reviews, many of which are often biased or unreliable. Despite rumors about the legitimacy of ExpressVPN, it is a trustworthy provider that is passionately committed to customer privacy and safety.

Little is publicly known about the owners of the company. However, ExpressVPN is a valid and registered company that is based in the British Virgin Islands.

ExpressVPN states a commitment to transparency and honesty when it comes to its service. It is worth mentioning that the company has even worked alongside the independent organization, the Center for Democracy and Technology, to outline this promise to its customers.

How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost?

ExpressVPN is likely not the best choice if you are looking for cheap VPN deals. However, it is important to keep in mind that free or extremely cheap VPNs are almost always of a lower quality than paid versions. We explored ExpressVPN’s subscription options as part of our review.

ExpressVPN provides a tiered subscription plan offering. Each of the plans offers the same number of features; the only thing that changes is the subscription time period. The longer you choose to subscribe, the lower price you will pay each month, as with most other subscription plans of this kind. However, it is necessary to pay the complete subscription sum at once.

All of the subscription prices cost more than the average VPN provider, but it is worth it considering the state-of-the-art service that is offered by ExpressVPN.

Each VPN subscription offers the same number of features, so the one you choose will depend on how much you can afford or want to pay upfront. It is more cost-effective to choose a longer plan, so choose the longest subscription plan that you can afford.

If you were to choose the 15-month version, you would receive a reduction of almost 50% compared to the monthly plan. So, we recommend ExpressVPN’s 15-month plan for the most affordable option.

Although ExpressVPN may be one of the more costly VPNs, the higher cost is reflected in its first-rate features and excellent service. It is also important to remember that there are frequent ExpressVPN deals including an annual ExpressVPN Black Friday discount.

Money-Back Guarantee and Payment Options

While ExpressVPN, unfortunately, does not offer a free trial, every ExpressVPN user is entitled to a 30-day refund policy. Therefore, you can test the VPN for a month with no risk, making it a great choice for beginners. The refund process is quick and simple; all you need to do is contact ExpressVPN’s customer support service.

ExpressVPN also operates a ‘Refer a Friend’ offer that gives you and a friend a free 30-day subscription. There is also no limit on the number of friends you can refer to ExpressVPN.

While researching for our review, we noticed that ExpressVPN allows for an extensive range of payment options. ExpressVPN accepts bank cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, as well as a range of international payment methods.

ExpressVPN Sale

There are frequent ExpressVPN deals throughout the year, including a 49% savings on its most popular subscription plan, which is the one-year plan. Now, you can save more of your hard-earned cash yet still enjoy the fastest VPN service thanks to some of the best VPN deals on the market.

Like many other VPN services, ExpressVPN has sales during major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the popular ExpressVPN Black Friday sale. Regardless of the time of year, you can find an ExpressVPN sale.

Does ExpressVPN Store User Data?

If you are worried about your data privacy and anonymity online, VPN protection is a good idea. If you often connect to unsecured WiFi hotspots in cafes or shopping centers, you are unprotected and at risk of exposure to cyber-threats such as hacking and identity theft.

Anyone with access to the same public WiFi connection could typically steal your personal data and information such as your bank details, home address, and private photos. However, you likely want to make sure that the VPN you choose lives up to its promise of user security and privacy. Therefore, it is crucial to consider a provider’s data storage policy in any VPN review.

ExpressVPN is committed to providing a secure service. Its extensive range of privacy features ensures that your data remains safe and anonymous online. The provider uses first-class encryption, ensuring your internet activity cannot be accessed or decrypted by your ISP or hackers.

The company itself also offers a clear privacy policy regarding its own data collection. The policy is short but thorough and outlines ExpressVPN’s no-logs commitment, meaning that the provider will never store user information or private data including your real IP address.

ExpressVPN’s profit comes from the sole source of consumer VPN subscriptions. Therefore, the company must work to keep customers’ trust and loyalty. The provider will never sell customer data or use it for any other purpose outside providing the VPN service.

ExpressVPN Logs Some Data

ExpressVPN’s service is designed to remove sensitive user data. However, ExpressVPN collects a limited amount of information for troubleshooting and improving the service, including your device operating system, app version, connection logs (date not time), chosen server location (user IP addresses are never stored by an ExpressVPN server), as well as bandwidth per day.

None of the information kept by ExpressVPN could be used to identify a customer or connect a user to the service. The provider never stores logs of customer internet activity, IP addresses, or browsing history. The provider also utilizes private DNS on each server to ensure DNS queries are never exposed.

When setting up an account, it is necessary to provide your email address and payment information. However, this data cannot be used to link you to your internet activity.

It is important to note as part of this review that ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, a country outside of the 9/5/14-Eyes Surveillance alliance, with strict privacy regulations and no data retention laws. Therefore, Express is not required to retain user data.

There is no user censorship of customer data, and the company promises never to share customer information unless required by a court of law. In that case, it would only do so if the crime was punishable by at least one year in prison. Even in that case, it is unlikely that the data stored on the server network could link an individual to any internet activity.

So, it appears that ExpressVPN goes to significant lengths to ensure customer anonymity and privacy on their service.

Is My Browser Traffic Secure with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a reliable and highly secure VPN service. It uses the highest levels of data encryption for completely private internet access, keeping your information and identity private over an extremely secure VPN connection.

ExpressVPN works by using first-rate protocols including IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), Lightway, and PPTP, as well as government standard AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication to ensure your data remains secure and private.

ExpressVPN’s additional security features include DNS leak blocking, first-party DNS, kill-switch, WebRTC leak blocking, IPV6 leak blocking, split tunneling, and its proprietary TrustedServer software, which makes sure that your information never reaches the server hard drive.

The ExpressVPN TrustedServer technology overcomes the necessity of local storage, meaning that all information is rewritten upon each login as ExpressVPN runs solely on RAM. Data is also never written onto the hard drive, adding an additional layer of security.

Moreover, ExpressVPN utilizes its own secure zero-knowledge DNS server connections. Typically when you use a website, the DNS will request your IP location and store your browsing activity. With ExpressVPN, the DNS requests are automatically taken care of and are encrypted so that your ISP or any other third party cannot access or view related data. This is one of the best features to look for in a VPN provider and will only be found among the best VPN servers.

ExpressVPN’s “Network Lock” feature works to block data transfer should your internet or server connection fail. Therefore, unencrypted data or your real IP address will not be exposed. However, the kill-switch feature is only available with the ExpressVPN Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android clients and is disappointingly unavailable on the iOS app.

The provider also utilizes Perfect Forward Secrecy technology, which provides an additional layer of security by generating a unique encryption key for each new session. The key is also changed every hour, meaning that should your connection be intercepted, only 60 minutes of information would be available.

While ExpressVPN does not possess the largest range of protocols, it does offer some of the best ones available, including OpenVPN UDP, which is the fastest setting for the OpenVPN protocol and highly reliable for long-distance connections; OpenVPN TCP is more reliable but somewhat slower than UDP; and IKEv2 which is both secure and fast.

ExpressVPN’s split tunneling feature allows you to choose which browser tabs run through the VPN and connect through your usual ISP. It is good to use a VPN connection for as many tasks as possible, but split tunneling can also be useful.

It is also worth mentioning in this ExpressVPN review that the company has passed several independent audits, unlike other VPN services, and this offers further evidence to back up ExpressVPN’s security claim. You do not have to worry about how secure your data will be when you use ExpressVPN, as it offers the highest levels of encryption as well as a range of advanced security features.

Does ExpressVPN Offer Split Tunneling?

Many users will look for a split tunneling feature when choosing a VPN, so it is important to consider this feature as part of our review of ExpressVPN. A VPN works by passing your private online data through an encrypted tunnel so that your ISP and others cannot view or access it. However, some users do not want to send all of their internet data through the encrypted tunnel, which is where split tunneling comes in.

If you want to have the option of encrypting some of your internet activity, such as internet banking or private business tasks, but you still want to have access to your usual network, split tunneling will enable you to do so. Using this feature will encrypt some of your activity while the rest of your tasks run through your normal internet network. Many people choose to use split tunneling so that all of their internet data does not run through a foreign server.

Split tunneling is especially useful for torrenting, which can significantly reduce your connection speed. You may use the encrypted tunnel to download files, but continue to browse through your normal internet connection on another tab.

You can choose to use ExpressVPN on your router and then decide which devices are included in the protection. Dividing your internet activity in this way will allow you to continue your usual activities while protecting your more confidential tasks. ExpressVPN also provides inverse tunneling, which enables you to choose which devices you want to be encrypted. All of those that you do not choose will not be encrypted by the VPN.

You can also choose to use ExpressVPN split-tunneling to protect certain apps on your devices. This is useful if you have a single device and only want to encrypt certain apps, such as your online banking app.

Where are ExpressVPN’s Servers Located?

With a subscription to ExpressVPN, you will gain access to an impressive number of over 3,000 servers in 94 countries worldwide, making it one of the biggest networks of servers of any VPN provider. This means that you will never have an issue finding a VPN server in your desired location.

There are ExpressVPN servers located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. There are 14 ExpressVPN server locations in the United States alone.

Even if you only require a single server location, the vast quantity of servers will still benefit you, as no server will become congested or overwhelmed. This means that there will be fewer users on every server, ensuring faster connection speeds. All of the ExpressVPNs servers utilize secure OpenVPN, IPSec, Lightway, and IKEv2 protocols.

Unlike many VPN companies, ExpressVPN is transparent regarding its use of virtual servers. Out of its 3,000 servers, 40 are virtual server locations. All other servers are physical or “bare metal” servers.

Physical servers are real pieces of physical equipment stored in the actual location that you want to connect to. Virtual servers are still physically existent; however, they are used to connect users to countries where it is difficult to install a physical server. Virtual servers can still be used to unblock Netflix content and overcome location restrictions.

Is ExpressVPN Compatible with All of My Devices?

ExpressVPN is compatible with most leading operating systems, including Microsoft, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. ExpressVPN firmware is also provided for routers, and there are also useful setup guides for use on SmartTVs, gaming consoles, and Kindles.

Its website features a range of comprehensive setup guides for all devices and platforms. The ExpressVPN installation guides are simple and easy to understand, making them great for those that are new to using a VPN.

ExpressVPN’s subscription plan gives users access to the protection of five simultaneous device connections, which is average among its VPN competitors.

If you require protection on an additional number of devices simultaneously, it will be necessary to install the VPN on your router. As soon as the VPN is installed, all of your devices connected to the router’s internet will be protected, meaning that you can use the same subscription for an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

ExpressVPN is one of the best choices for compatibility. It is rare to see a VPN with apps that are compatible with such a large range of devices and platforms.

ExpressVPN Router App and Smart TV Support

While no VPN can be installed directly onto a gaming console or Apple TV, ExpressVPN provides a setup guide to enable users to set up the VPN on such devices. The ExpressVPN router VPN app means that it is a great option if you are looking for a VPN supported by gaming consoles and streaming devices. If you want to ensure your privacy and security while gaming and streaming Netflix, ExpressVPN may be the one for you.

More VPNs offer a VPN app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, ExpressVPN among them. While it was one of the first apps available for the device, it is now largely outdated and without some of the features seen in newer Fire TV Stick apps.

The Firestick app is really a copy of its Android version, which is not overly compatible with a larger TV screen. It is also not as easy to use as other newer Firestick apps. However, it will work to mask your Firestick’s IP address and enable you to access geo-blocked streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

MediaStreamer DNS

If you own a device that is not compatible with a VPN app, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer comes in handy. The MediaStreamer is offered with every ExpressVPN subscription plan. This feature unblocks streaming services such as Netflix with ease; however, it does not encrypt activity on the device. It works by masking your device’s DNS server to one that is run by the VPN. Therefore, the streaming services believe that you are located in the same country as the content you are trying to access.

In this review, it is important to note that if you are looking for the highest level of security on all of your devices, it is best to install the ExpressVPN software on your router. Or you may choose to tether to a device that is already using the VPN.


ExpressVPN also offers various browser extension options for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. However, there is, as of yet, no ExpressVPN browser extension for Safari or Opera.

Almost all VPN extensions for browsers are proxies rather than complete VPNs. However, ExpressVPN’s extensions are different and do offer a full VPN service. The ExpressVPN desktop app does, however, need to run at the same time, as the extension works in conjunction with the app, rather than instead of it.

The ExpressVPN browser extension will enable you to choose between servers and hide your internet activity with ease without needing to exit the browser. However, it is necessary to install the complete program for it to operate properly.

ExpressVPN’s extensions all utilize HTTPS Everywhere, a technology created by the Tor Project with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This technology works to encrypt your internet traffic information with sites that still operate on unencrypted HTTP connections.

Downloading and installing the ExpressVPN extensions on your browser is easy, and there are even comprehensive set-up guides on ExpressVPN’s website. The extensions also now feature a “dark mode,” which is a great aesthetic feature.

Is ExpressVPN Easy to Use?

ExpressVPN’s desktop client, browser extensions, and mobile apps are simple and easy to use. Even a beginner VPN customer should have no issue successfully installing and using the apps.

Its apps are some of the best available; not only are they simple to use, but they are attractive and well-designed too. Ensuring your online security and privacy with ExpressVPN is simple.

Installing ExpressVPN is quick and should only take a few minutes. As soon as you have chosen your subscription plan, set up your account, and entered your payment information. You will then get a confirmation email containing a link as well as an activation code. The link will direct you to the installation guide for your chosen device.

After installing the application, the ExpressVPN client will open to reveal a simple connect button and a list of available server locations. To easily customize the app, select advanced settings in the menu.

The ExpressVPN app explains everything in simple language that is easy to understand. A beginner VPN customer should have no problem using even the advanced privacy features.

Each of ExpressVPN’s clients is slightly different depending on the platform you are using. As part of this ExpressVPN review, we explored its range of clients and mobile apps:


As with most VPN companies, the Windows offering is the most comprehensive experience. The ExpressVPN client for Windows includes all of the features and additional tools that even an advanced VPN customer could require. However, despite the advanced features, the ExpressVPN Windows app remains simple and easy to use, even for beginners.

The ExpressVPN client opens to reveal a simply on/off button and a clear list of server locations. When you click on your chosen server, an additional window will open beside it. Choose “all locations” to view the complete list of servers. The recommended servers will be chosen by ExpressVPN by default. To find a specific server, use the search bar.

The VPN client for Windows also features important additions such as a kill switch (or “Network Lock”) as well as a list of protocols, including its own Lightway protocol. In this review, we want to mention that the L2TP protocol should be avoided as it offers only a weak level of security.


ExpressVPN’s app for Mac is great and almost exactly reflects that of Windows. It is often the case that VPNs offer a lower quality MacOS app, but ExpressVPN’s Apple offering is just as good as the Windows version.

All of the ExpressVPN browser extensions operate in the same way as on Windows. However, there is no Safari extension yet, which may cause issues for some Mac users.


The ExpressVPN iOS app is somewhat simpler than the macOS and Windows versions. The iOS app interface reveals a similar connect button and a list of servers. However, there is little to customize in the settings menu, which is disappointing for iOS users.

ExpressVPN gives the option to alternate between OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Lightway protocols, an option to choose whether the VPN automatically re-connects if the connection is lost, and a re-configuration feature should the app stop working. The app offers a simple mobile experience; however, it lacks some of the great additional features that can be seen on the desktop versions.

The most glaring omission that we noticed during our ExpressVPN review is the lack of the kill switch, which is arguably vital on every device or platform.


ExpressVPN’s Android app is similar to those of its other apps. However, the Android app offers more features compared to the iOS version. Notably, the ExpressVPN Android app features the all-important kill-switch, ensuring your smartphone is protected even if your network or VPN connection fails.

Android users can activate the kill switch in the Network Protection section of the settings.

Another important addition is split-tunneling, which is also not available on the Express VPN iOS version. With this feature, you can choose to customize which of your apps are connected outside of the encrypted VPN tunnel.


ExpressVPN’s Linux client is disappointing, especially considering the user-friendly experience offered on every other platform. ExpressVPN does not even offer a complete Linux client, and it operates without a GUI (graphical user interface). This means that the client runs straight from your console and is difficult to use for beginners.

When you have set up ExpressVPN on your Linux device using console commands, you will be able to choose between a range of servers, view the recommended servers, and select the Network Lock, protocols, and auto-connect feature.

Browser extensions

ExpressVPN provides browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. These extensions give you complete protection on your browser without it being necessary to leave the browser tab.

Downloading and installing the ExpressVPN extensions is simple and quick. The “dark mode” feature is also an attractive addition.

Does ExpressVPN Offer Good Customer Service?

ExpressVPN offers a 24/7 live chat feature that is one of the best around. While its apps and clients are extremely useful, and it is unlikely that you will run into a problem, the team is there if any issues arise.

The ExpressVPN customer service team will work quickly to ensure your VPN is working again as soon as possible. The provider also offers some of the best VPN guides, FAQs, tutorials, and troubleshooting information on the ExpressVPN website.

ExpressVPN truly offers one of the most customer-led experiences. The support team will be there for you no matter what you need. They are also available via email. The ExpressVPN online live chat and support center offers 16 languages, which is a lot more than most other VPN providers.

If you experience a problem, you understandably want to receive a response that is tailored to you. Many VPN providers utilize huge support centers full of support agents that do not understand VPNs. ExpressVPN is different. Its customer support team comprises experts in the industry who will provide you with a helpful and unique response every time.

We would recommend ExpressVPN if you are looking for a VPN with exceptional customer support.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two of the most popular VPN apps. NordVPN offers an impressive range of over 5,300 servers and first-class privacy features at a relatively affordable price.

How does ExpressVPN compare to NordVPN? Both VPN services have an extensive range of great security features such as a kill switch and high-quality data encryption. Both also offer access to restricted streaming sites such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. However, there are also differences, meaning that each VPN service will suit a different subscriber.

ExpressVPN is arguably better when it comes to servers as it utilizes RAM rather than a hard drive. Whereas NordVPN continues to use more insecure hard drives.

There is little difference between ExpressVPN and NordVPN when it comes to speeds and accessing streaming sites. Both VPNs enable access to blocked sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. NordVPN may offer marginally better speeds than ExpressVPN due to its larger quantity of servers. The higher the number of servers, the less likely one server will become overwhelmed and congested, resulting in higher speeds.

Regarding apps and clients, NordVPN has a more aesthetically pleasing design than ExpressVPN. However, ExpressVPN offers excellent apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS too. Notably, ExpressVPN provides a better option if you are looking for a VPN that is compatible with a router. ExpressVPN offers its own proprietary firmware, which works on a range of routers.

Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN utilize a range of advanced protocols. Importantly, both offer OpenVPN, which is considered to be the most secure protocol available. NordVPN is slightly more advantageous if you are looking for a greater choice of mobile protocols. With NordVPN, you can use the fast IKEv2 protocol on your mobile device.

Neither ExpressVPN nor NordVPN is based in a country under the “5 Eyes” Surveillance alliance, so they are not required to disclose customer internet activity details. ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is free of data retention laws. NordVPN is based in Panama, which does have a range of strict copyright laws. However, the company does not offer any servers in Panama, meaning that it does not need to disclose information to its government.

NordVPN is slightly more cost-effective than ExpressVPN since it offers 6 simultaneous connections for $11.95 per month. ExpressVPN’s plan comes in at $12.95 per month for just 5 simultaneous connections. Although it is only a marginal difference, it is something to keep in mind.

Both providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 live chat and excellent customer support for additional peace of mind.

While it depends on your individual privacy requirements, NordVPN offers a slightly more cost-effective service when compared to ExpressVPN, while ExpressVPN operates on more secure RAM. However, the 30-day money-back guarantee that both providers offer will give you a chance to try NordVPN and ExpressVPN for yourself with no risk if you change your mind.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Streaming?

ExpressVPN is one of the best options if you are looking for a VPN to unblock streaming sites. It reliably unblocks location restrictions on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Youtube, with fast streaming speeds, high definition, and minimal buffering. This is in part thanks to obfuscated servers which hide VPN usage from streaming services.

ExpressVPN unlocks an extensive selection of Netflix libraries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, and the UK.

Simply connect to a server in a VPN location in the country of the Netflix library you want to view.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Torrenting?

ExpressVPN also allows torrenting and P2P sharing on all of its servers. There is no data usage limit or restriction on either activity. ExpressVPN is, therefore, a great choice for torrenting or downloading files safely, without the risk of leaks, especially considering its strong levels of security and its no-logs policy.

The provider also offers a range of additional features useful for P2P, such as unlimited bandwidth, meaning that you can download as much as you like without worrying about exceeding your data limit. Unlike ExpressVPN, other VPN providers limit the amount of data transferred, making them unsuitable for P2P or torrenting.

ExpressVPN utilizes high-speed servers that will also ensure that downloading large files will not interrupt your internet speeds. Often, torrenting can significantly slow down your internet speed. However, if you use ExpressVPN, it will not take long to download even large files.

All of ExpressVPN’s servers are suitable for torrenting and can be used to secure your P2P sharing. The choice of an unlimited number of servers ensures that no one server becomes congested or overwhelmed, allowing for faster speeds.

The VPN will hide your IP address while torrenting without the need for manual setup so that you cannot be linked to your download activity. ExpressVPN utilizes secure leak protection, which alongside its trustworthy “Network Lock,” will ensure anonymity even if your connection fails.

ExpressVPN also uses powerful encryption software, leak protection, and split tunneling to ensure your files and data such as your real IP address remain secure and anonymous.

However, we noticed that ExpressVPN does not support port forwarding, meaning that you can still upload files, but the speeds will be much slower, which may cause issues for some users.

It is also important to remember that a VPN cannot protect you from all of the risks associated with P2P. By torrenting and sharing P2P, you expose yourself to other internet users by making your files more accessible. There is also the potential for downloading illegal files or those fraught with malware by accident. Thus, it is important to torrent cautiously and combine a VPN with a good quality anti-virus program to protect your device from potential viruses.

Does ExpressVPN Offer Fast Connection Speeds?

It is known that a VPN may slow down your internet connection. A VPN works by bypassing your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel of multiple servers, meaning that it will take longer for your data to reach its endpoint, resulting in slower connection speeds. So, we thought it important to consider connection speeds as part of this review.

It is essential to choose a VPN that offers excellent speeds if you intend to use it for streaming and gaming. Many VPNs can unblock streaming sites such as Netflix but cannot support high definition. Therefore, it is important to look for a VPN that offers optimal download and upload speeds despite this.

When looking at a review for a VPN, it is important to consider the connection speeds that it offers so that you can watch your favorite shows in high definition and without lagging or buffering.

ExpressVPN offers an extensive range of servers in worldwide locations, meaning that there is little chance that any servers will become congested. The more users on a given server, the more likely it is that the speed will drop. ExpressVPN’s range of over 3,000 worldwide servers will ensure good speeds for every customer.

If you are a beginner VPN customer, it is helpful to look to ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature, which is available on both desktop and mobile apps. The Smart Location feature will connect you to the optimal server with the fastest speeds. Our internet speed tests revealed that ExpressVPN’s US servers are usually the fastest and offer an average download speed of 39Mbps.

So, we would recommend ExpressVPN as a great option if you are looking for a fast internet speed. Its wide range of high-speed servers will allow you to watch your favorite Netflix or Amazon Prime shows in high definition. The fast speeds are also good if you are looking to use the VPN for P2P or torrenting purposes, as it will enable you to download large files without affecting your overall connection speeds.

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