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Celo VPN is an Australian-based VPN service that puts an emphasis on internet privacy. Celo is dedicated to protecting users' internet data from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), online trackers, and government agencies, which makes it a great option if you have privacy concerns.

The excellent VPN service comes with an abundance of features, including advanced VPN protocols, a built-in ad and malware blocker, and support for torrenting.

Despite only having a small server network, Celo VPN can unblock popular streaming sites in the US and the UK, which is great news for users living in other countries, which may endure censorship. However, Celo VPN may not be the best option if you want to unblock Asian streaming sites.

Overall, Celo VPN is a well-priced, security-focused VPN that secures user privacy with ease. If you want to protect your internet data, then Celo VPN is the perfect option.


  • pro icon Excellent security features
  • pro icon No-logging policy
  • pro icon Supports torrenting


  • con icon Based in Five Eyes country
  • con icon No dedicated mobile apps
  • con icon Small server network
Price Starting At: 6 $ / monthly 72 $ / annually
For New Users: 10 -day money-back guarantee
Number of servers: 23+
General information
Type of IP offered: Shared
Simultaneous connections / Users: 8
OS support: Amazon Fire TV, Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Streaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, NBC, ESPN, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Hulu
VPN Promotion: Get VPN from Celo VPN for 6$ per month
Unlimited Bandwidthcross iconKill Switchcross iconSplit Tunnelingcross iconZero Data Loggingcross iconFree Version / Trialcross iconMobile Appcross iconFirestick Compatiblecross icon
Payment options
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin
  • Diners Club International
  • Discover
  • Ethereum
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
Geolocations available
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Celo VPN Security


The indication of a good VPN is the VPN's security features. Fortunately, security is the area in which Celo VPN excels, given that the company's mission is to improve the safety and privacy of internet users. Moreover, the VPN has been developed by expert IT technicians to ensure users stay safe online whenever they have an active Celo VPN connection.

Celo VPN ensures that users' connections are strong at all times since they are secured by strong encryption and strong tunneling protocols. Users can choose from a selection that includes WireGuard, IKEv2, and the OpenVPN protocol. All of these protocols offer both speed and security, meaning you don't need to sacrifice one for another. What's more, the advanced encryption offers DDoS protection too, which is great news for gamers.

Celo VPN also offers a new protocol, V2Ray/VMess. This protocol is particularly useful for users who want to get around firewalls on heavily restricted networks and can be used in conjunction with the SOCKS5 proxy. There is also obfuscated SSH tunneling, which makes Celo VPN a great option if you want to disguise your VPN traffic as usual.

Users can also use Celo VPN to send their data via the Tor browser. By combining Celo VPN with Tor, users can hide their data with extra layers of protection and ensure it stays private.

A no-logging policy is in place to reassure users that data related to their VPN use won't be stored on the Celo VPN servers. This means no connection logs, real IP addresses, or other session data is saved or shared with third parties.

We ran an IP and DNS leak test and were pleased to see that there were no DNS or IP leaks. It is reassuring that Celo VPN protects against DNS leaks since DNS requests can reveal your internet activity and what websites you visit.

There is also a built-in ad/malware blocker that is on every single VPN server. This means that as you browse the net, you can rest assured that you aren't going to encounter pesky pop-up ads that could contain malicious phishing links. Furthermore, malware protection will keep your device safe from ransomware, spyware, and more potential threats, which usually only antivirus protects from.

Unfortunately, there is no kill switch available. However, Celo VPN makes it easy to stay safe online with its wide variety of other security features, making it a good choice for safety-conscious internet users.

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Celo VPN Features


Celo VPN offers a range of additional features to ensure that users can enjoy more freedom online and a good overall VPN experience.

First of all, every Celo VPN plan comes with 8 simultaneous connections and support for all operating systems, including Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, as well as many others. This means you can easily protect all of your devices, thanks to the generous connection limit.

Unfortunately, there are no native mobile apps; however, the configuration files and scripts for each operating system are available on the Celo VPN website. Moreover, users can follow step-by-step and helpful setup guides to install the VPN software on their desktop and mobile devices.

In terms of server locations, Celo VPN's server network is spread across 15 countries in 4 continents. The network currently only operates just over 20 servers; however, this number is growing.

Although there aren't a lot of servers on the network, Celo VPN supports torrenting on all of its servers. Not many VPN services permit P2P networking on their servers due to safety implications, so it is great that Celo does. The VPN provider also supports port forwarding for use on torrent platforms, and there is a SOCKS5 and ShadowSocks proxy which makes for faster download speeds if utilized.

Not only does Celo support torrenting, but it offers optimized streaming servers in the UK and the US. This means that users can unblock a host of streaming services based in these countries, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu.

A fast internet speed is necessary, especially when torrenting or streaming. Fortunately, Celo VPN offers a lightning-fast connection speed, and we experienced an average speed of 36Mbps during a speed test. For consistently fast speeds, users can connect to the nearest server, as this will improve the quality and speed of the connection.

Customer support is great with Celo VPN. There is a live chat on the website as well as a help center full of guides, FAQs, and an area where users can troubleshoot common issues. On top of this, users can send a support ticket to the customer support team if they have a query or can't find the answer they are looking for online.


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Is Celo VPN Safe?

Given that more VPN services are cropping up, it is crucial to ensure that you choose a safe and secure one. Celo VPN comes from the brains behind Celo Net Pty Ltd, with the word ‘celo’ coming from the Latin ‘to hide.’

Celo VPN’s mission is to provide users with security and privacy online, but is the VPN itself safe? First of all, Celo VPN employs a number of features to ensure users’ privacy and safety online such as strong encryption. Celo VPN supports various protocols, too, and offers an ad/malware blocker. All data is sent via an obfuscated SSH tunnel, further ensuring that there is security at all times.

What’s more, Celo VPN operates a strict no-logging policy which states it won’t store or misuse any VPN data. The only information that the VPN provider logs is related to your Celo VPN account, such as email addresses, names, and billing information.

It is worth mentioning that Celo Net Pty Ltd is based in Australia. Australia is a part of the Five Eyes, the international intelligence, and surveillance group. This may worry some users, who may be concerned that the Australian government could subpoena Celo VPN for information from its servers.

How Much Does Celo VPN Cost?

Unlike many other VPN providers, Celo VPN offers only one subscription plan. This is a little disappointing since it means that users have to renew their subscription each month. Fortunately, the VPN service offers a lower monthly rate compared to other VPNs.

The monthly plan is just $6; this price provides access to all servers, fast speeds, and security features. Celo VPN accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, PayPal Express, credit cards, and multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Does Celo VPN Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Celo VPN has a 10-day money-back guarantee. This is far shorter than the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee, which most other VPN services offer. If you aren’t satisfied with the VPN, you can claim a refund before the end of the 10-day cooling-off period.

How Many Celo VPN Servers are There?

Celo VPN only offers just over 20 servers across 15 countries. This is a lot less than what other VPNs provide. However, Celo VPN states that it is constantly adding servers to its network. Moreover, it already offers server locations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Is Celo VPN Good for Streaming?

Celo VPN is good for streaming, assuming you want to unblock video streaming content in the US or the UK. This is because the provider only offers US and UK streaming servers. However, this still provides users with a vast amount of video content, including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, and Netflix access.

We tested Celo VPN with US Netflix and were able to easily unblock the streaming site. This bodes well for other streaming services.

Does Celo VPN Have Torrent Support?

Yes! All of Celo VPN’s servers are optimized for torrenting. We’d recommend Celo VPN as a torrenting VPN since it offers excellent tunneling protocols, port forwarding, and a SOCKS5 proxy, on top of fast connection speeds.

Unfortunately, since there is no kill switch, users will have to keep an eye on their VPN server connection at all times to ensure that they don’t accidentally torrent without VPN encryption shrouding their P2P downloads.

What Operating Systems Does Celo VPN Support?

One of the Celo VPN pros is that it supports many operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. This means you can configure the VPN to your computer and mobile device simultaneously.

A downside of Celo VPN is that it doesn’t have dedicated mobile apps. Users will need to manually set up the VPN on their mobile devices, for example, by using a third-party OpenVPN app. The only difference between using a third-party OpenVPN client and a native app is that users need to do a little more work to get the VPN up and running. As well as this, it means users won’t enjoy a user-friendly app that comes with additional features.

How Many Simultaneous Connections Does Celo VPN Offer?

Every Celo VPN user gets 8 simultaneous connections. This is more than enough for the average user and is a lot more than what other leading VPNs offer. For example, ExpressVPN only provides users with 5 simultaneous connections.

Does Celo VPN Have Good Customer Support?

As part of this Celo VPN review, we looked at the customer support on offer. Customer service tells a lot about how a VPN service values its users.

The Celo VPN customer support is excellent. Firstly, there is a live chat on the homepage of the website. Users can fill out a form and wait for a support representative to become available so that they can have a live conversation.

If this fails, users can access the help section on the website and find a wealth of information, including FAQs, setup guides, and more. Users can also contact customer support directly via this area by sending a support ticket.

Is Celo VPN Worth it?

There are pros and cons to Celo VPN. However, overall, we’d say that it is a decent VPN service. If you’re looking for a no-frills, no-nonsense VPN service that focuses on user security and privacy, then Celo VPN is a great option. Moreover, the affordable monthly plan may be great for non-commital users who don’t want to sign up for a long-term plan.

However, if you’re a VPN novice that doesn’t know how to set up a VPN using a third-party client, Celo VPN may not be the best option. We feel that it is better suited to advanced users who already know a thing or two about VPNs.

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