How to stream sports using a VPN in 2024

With a VPN to stream sports, you have unlimited access to your favorite teams and leagues. Luckily, using a VPN is straightforward and in this article, we will teach you how to do it.

If you’re watching the Superbowl every year or you’re an avid user of Eurosport, you know that access is limited when you’re traveling or watching pay-per-view content. With a VPN specialized in sports streaming you can watch your favorite sports without worrying about your current location or limited access. Here’s everything you need to know about how to stream sports using a VPN.

1. Get a VPN that streams sports

The first thing to do is get a VPN that unblocks sports streaming platforms like ESPN, Eurosport, Sling TV, and Star Sports. We’ve made it easy for you and compiled this list of streaming VPNs.

When choosing a VPN you need to make sure it covers your needs. Make sure it works on all your devices and that it is compatible with your operating system. In addition, you should ensure the VPN offers servers with fast speeds to avoid buffering during live streams.

Once you’ve chosen your new VPN, set it up using the instructions from the provider. Below, we’ll teach you how to adjust the settings for better sports streaming.

2. Adjust VPN settings for the best sports streaming experience

The great thing about VPNs is that you can usually adjust settings depending on your online activity. We recommend changing your VPN settings to a protocol that offers fast connections (like WireGuard) if you’re streaming sports games.

If your primary reason to use a VPN is to stream sports, then you can also change some of the security settings. If your VPN offers AES-256 bit and AES-128 bit encryption, try changing it to AES-128 for the time being. We also recommend disabling the kill switch momentarily and any other security settings that may interrupt your connection. You can re-enable the security tools after you’ve finished watching the sports game.

3. Connect to a suitable VPN server

You need to connect to the best VPN server for streaming sports. Some VPNs (like CyberGhost) suggest optimized servers for sports streaming in certain countries. If you use another VPN service, make sure you choose a fast server in the country where the sports game is based. For example, if you want to watch ESPN with ProtonVPN, choose a US-based server with the lowest server load for fast speeds. Alternatively, if you want to access Star Sports, you’ll need to connect to a server in India.

4. Sign up for a sports subscription

To use your VPN to stream sports, you’ll first need to sign up for the streaming service. Most sports services are subscription-based; for example, ESPN is $6.99 per month. You’ll need to activate the VPN first before signing up for a sports service in another country to get past the geo-blocks.

5. Stream sports with a VPN

VPN subscription? Check. Optimized VPN settings for sports streaming? Check. Connected to a VPN server? Check. Signed up for access to the sports streaming service? Check.

Once you have done all of the actions listed above, you can start streaming sports with a VPN. If you’re watching a sports game in a different timezone, make sure to find out the time difference so that you don’t miss a second of your sports game! Then sit back, relax, and support your sports team from wherever you are in the world!

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