Frequently Asked Questions: PrivacySharks’ FAQ Section

Who are PrivacySharks?

We’re a group of people who want to help others keep their personal information safe. Our goal is to provide the best security and privacy tools possible for our customers.

How does PrivacySharks work?

PrivacySharks offers privacy tools for every need, including VPNs and Antivirus. We want to give our customers the best encryption available so they can access their desired information safely from any device or location.

How do PrivacySharks earn money?

We earn revenue by providing our customers with a variety of options of Privacy Tools. Every time you sign up on one of our trusted partners we earn a small commission. Our main source of earnings is from the commission of VPN and Antivirus subscriptions, but we also earn revenue from referring customers to LastPass and Password Managers providers.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which protects your computer or device from malware when you’re browsing on public wifi networks. It also encrypts data passing between your device and other computers on the internet so that nobody can read it without having access to your password.

What is an antivirus program?

Antivirus programs scan your device for viruses and malware, checking all the files on your computer to make sure they’re safe before opening them.

What is a password manager?

Password managers store passwords in an encrypted file so you don’t have to remember each one. They also generate strong passwords that are difficult for other people to guess when you sign up for accounts.

PrivacySharks » Frequently Asked Questions: PrivacySharks’ FAQ Section
Last updated: April 29, 2021