Best VPN with Kill Switch in 2021

When it comes to a VPN kill switch, you might be wondering what it is and whether you really need one.

If your VPN software or app has this feature and it’s not automatically enabled, should you enable it? We’ll go through a list of VPN providers which do offer this kill switch feature, so you’ll make an informed decision about how your VPNs kill switch works and what sort of services you want.

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Should I enable VPN kill switch?

What is it, why do you need it, and how does it work?

What is a kill switch?

Simply put, a VPN kill switch is a safety measure through which you can make sure that in the case that your VPN connection experiences issues or drops, your original data, information, and IP address can’t be tracked. Your private and sensitive data is kept safe through discontinuing your internet connection until your VPN server is back online.

Once you enable the kill switch, you pretty much assure an extra level of protection for your VPN internet access.

A kill switch can come as a setting you enable or in the form an automated network lock when your VPN connection is experiencing issues or is discontinued. In some cases, the VPN kill switch is active automatically within your app or software, while in other situations you need to enable it yourself so you’ll secure your wi-fi network and device.

It all depends on your VPN service provider software options, if and how they incorporate the internet kill switch option.

Why do you need a kill switch on your VPN?

While it’s true that most VPN networks are generally speaking reliable services, the particulars of the VPN server you’re using depend on your provider. Here at PrivacySharks we’re all about keeping it real, and let’s face it, no service or system is entirely perfect all of the time. A VPN mediating your internet connection is no exception, even though there’s constant effort being put into it running smoothly.

When such a moment of imperfect functionality occurs, your VPN provider cannot guarantee that device users’ information is always 100% safe. When it comes to such moments, rare though they may be – depending on your provider -, you can benefit from the use of the kill switch feature. It insures the fact that your internet connection drops until such a time when it’s entirely safe again.

Because of the kill switch effectively imposing a network lock, you protect your data privacy until you can connect to the VPN again. It’s like a gatekeeper which programs the gates to close until a time when you can get safe passage again.

You want your VPN software and/or app to offer you data protection at any and all times, so kill switches are an extra layer of protection for when you connect to the internet even when your VPN connection drops.

Isn’t the kill switch active by default?

First and foremost, not all VPN connection programs or apps offer users the internet kill switch feature. If you want to be sure about your kill switch options in order to secure the fact that your VPN connections works like a charm when it comes to insuring your privacy as you’re navigating the internet through your network and device of choice, you need to make sure you’re clear about your VPN software policy for when your VPN connection drops.

Is there an internet kill switch option or something like it, which limits access to your network until you can safely connect to your VPN server? How does that particular VPN provider insure the privacy and security of your IP address and data, if your VPN connection falters? Some providers might incorporate a more personal version of kill switches and name it differently, but you need to make sure that you get at least one version of kill switch similar software or apps settings regarding your internet connection through their network.

If your VPN does use kill switch settings, it’s not necessarily true that the option is enabled in the default version of their programs or apps. Depending on the VPNs provider you’re using, you can customize various options in the settings and the kill switch could be enabled automatically or it might have to be enabled by the users. It’s usually a simple click away, though some of the best VPNs out there do have it enabled in their system automatically.

If you’ve chosen some of the top VPN providers, then most likely they have in effect network settings which work to insure data and information security through connection drops under certain circumstances, so the privacy of your IP address and data won’t get compromised. There most likely is a network lock on your internet access or an automatic internet kill switch which becomes active until your internet traffic is again protected by your VPN software or app.

If you’ve got free VPN programs or apps, then you might have to do some digging to make sure a kill switch or some kill switches equivalents are part of their security protocol. Free doesn’t necessarily mean the top tier of internet network security, but it doesn’t mean free VPNs are no good to their users either. In fact, some of these options work just as hard as a paid one to insure your security while you’re doing your online navigating.

You need to make sure you’re well informed about what options and services your providers offer. You’re using their services in order to protect the privacy of your traffic, IP address, and data overall, after all. The devil is in the detail, even when it comes to secure internet surfing.

Which VPNs have a kill switch?

There are plenty of paid and some free VPN providers that offer the kill switch feature or a kill switch equivalent with their software. Most of the paid ones have the kill switch active by default, but if they don’t, it’s usually just one click away.

One such provider is NordVPN, and we talk about it lower down the line. Other options include ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, SurfShark, and Hotspot Shield to name just a few.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these VPN providers.

Can you put a VPN on a switch?

Top VPNs offer either full or ample device coverage. That means that they’ll work with whatever operating system you’ve got, Windows, mac-OS, Android, iOS, and even a router. If you get your router covered, then whatever you’re connecting to that router has access to your secure VPN tunnel.

So whether you’re using a gaming console, any Android and iOS mobile or tablet device, or one version of a Windows or Mac system that connects to the internet through your VPN connection-secured router, your surfing is done through the VPNs secure sever.

Does NordVPN have kill switch?

NordVPN is a well-known VPN because of a couple of reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that it offers you an automatic kill switch feature. There are plenty more attractive features, but you get the kill switch on at all times, keeping your data rights reserved.

Its software and app work with pretty much all the platforms you can think of: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even your smart TV and router.

You can open as many windows into the heart of the web as you’d like, and always stay protected no matter what. Pretty good deal for their users, right?

In short

If you’ve reached the conclusion that you need a VPN to keep your privacy, security, and data safety secured while you use the internet – which you do! -, then PrivacySharks strongly suggests you use a VPN that offers the kill switch.

In fact, some of the best software out there that covers your VPN needs doesn’t only offer it as an option, but includes it as an automatic feature. That’s how necessary it really is.

Whether you choose to get one of the VPN services we’ve listed above or go hunting for your own choice, make sure to choose wisely, be it free or paid service. Make sure to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of that particular service provider, and really look into the features they offer. More likely than not, the kill switch or an equivalent service or feature is going to be part of their pitch.

PrivacySharks is all about your online security and you keeping your traffic and surfing information private, so we advise you to choose wisely when it comes to what service you’ll get, but whichever it is, choose to use the kill switch without hesitation.

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