What is a VPN Kill Switch?

It’s important to take your security seriously, especially when you are browsing the internet. A VPN kill switch is an extra feature that some VPNs offer – and it can be a lifesaver in many situations!

So, what is a VPN kill switch and how does it work? If you’re looking for more information about whether or not a VPN is worth buying with or without this feature – we have all of the answers here!

What is a VPN Kill switch?

A VPN kill switch is an extra tool that comes built-in with many VPNs. The kill switch will automatically disconnect your internet connection if your computer loses its connection to the virtual private network server.

This means even if you are on an unsecured open wifi hotspot at a coffee shop, your data won’t leak out onto the public networks; the kill switch will cut off your internet access to ensure no sensitive information is ever exposed.

It’s important to take security seriously when browsing online – but especially on public connections where hackers might try their luck. Therefore, you should always have this tool activated whenever you’re browsing the web either at home or on a public network.

How Does a VPN Kill Switch Work?

The simplest way to understand how a VPN kill switch works is to think about what happens when you click on a website link or open up another browser window. For some browsers, there is an option to close the window after a set amount of time if no other communication is sent through that newly-created window.

This process can also occur with other applications like Skype. The same idea applies here, with the kill switch: if the VPN kill switch senses that there is no activity going through the VPN server (aka, the server connection has failed) then it cuts off your internet access immediately.

Do All VPNs Have a Kill Switch?

While most VPNs do come with the kill switch feature, there are some that don’t. It is more likely that free VPNs won’t offer this tool. Many free services usually lack advanced features, such as the kill switch or the option to check your VPN location.

If you are browsing on a public connection, doing online banking, torrenting, or anything else you wouldn’t want third parties to see, then it is best to check if the VPN that you’re interested in has this tool activated by default – otherwise, a lot of data can be leaked out when your device loses its internet access!

Is the Kill Switch Automatically Activated?

Not all VPNs have an automatic kill switch. If you are browsing on a public connection, then it is best to check if the VPN that you’re interested in has this tool activated by default. Otherwise, you can usually enter the VPN app or client and enable the kill switch, ensuring

If there isn’t a way for the vpn kill switch to automatically activate itself after losing connection to the server, then we recommend contacting customer support and seeing what they say about whether or not their servers do come with built-in safeties like this one.

Our top recommendation would definitely be ExpressVPN since it offers a built-in kill switch that comes automatically enabled upon download.

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