Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting?

VPNs are an important tool for modern-day internet users. They help keep your personal information safe, give you access to blocked content, and allow you to explore other countries’ websites.

However, VPNs do have one major flaw that is sometimes unavoidable: they disconnect! In this blog post, we will explore in-depth the reasons why VPNs disconnect so often – some reasons can be network issues outside of the VPN’s control or heavy server loads.

We’ll explore many other reasons as well so you know what to expect when your VPN isn’t working, and how you can resolve the problem.

Your VPN Disconnects Due to a Network Issue

Sometimes, your VPN may disconnect due to wifi network issues. This isn’t due to what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sees during your VPN session, as it can’t see your activity. It may simply be due to a problem with your network provider which ultimately causes your VPN connection to fall.

Your VPN Disconnects Due to a Heavy Server Load

Another common reason why VPNs disconnect is due to a heavy server load. When there is a large number of users on one server, the VPN will disconnect. This is to prevent the server from being overloaded, which can happen if many users are simultaneously using a small amount of bandwidth.

Your VPN Disconnects Due to Government Censorship

Some governments have been known to block access to certain websites and platforms that they deem threatening or inappropriate for citizens – this includes VPN services! If you’re in an area where your ISP is either unreliable or under strict surveillance by the government, your connection may end up getting cut off as it tries to connect through another country’s firewall (or something similar).

Router or Modem Changes

Your VPN disconnects because there was a change made on your router/modem settings. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might make some changes on there, such as blocking a port used for VPN traffic. This could be the reason why your connection is not working and needs to check with your ISP if there were any changes made on their end.

DNS Issues

Your VPN disconnects because of a DNS issue. Another common culprit for the VPN disconnection problem may be an error in your Domain Name System (DNS). If set incorrectly, it can cause problems when trying to connect through other servers – one example would be using Google’s DNS instead of OpenDNS or another service!

The VPN Cannot Resolve the Host Address

Your VPN disconnects because it cannot resolve the hostname. Sometimes, users will try connecting directly to IP addresses instead of resolving hostnames first. However, some ISPs block connections that are resolved via non-standard ports which results in these types of errors occurring.

The VPN Software is Not Up to Date

Your VPN disconnects due to an old server list. Another common reason why some users might experience frequent VPN drops is that they’re using an outdated version of their client program. Make sure that you update your software regularly so that you always remain protected.

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